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Tasker's Chance Garden Club
Meeting the 2nd Monday of each month
except July and August

OFFICERS 2017-2019
President – Diane Wilkinson

Vice-President – Sue Basford

Recording Secretary - Karen Morris

Corresponding Secretary – Andrea Hoffmaister

Treasurer – Laurie Giner

Committee Chairperson(s)

Advisor: Lucia Kline
Arbor: Day Rose Cain
Awards: Margaret Cornely
Birds & Horticulture: Mary Ann Simmons
Booklet: Sue Basford, Susan Bittle
Christmas Greens: Karen Krammes, Andrea Hoffmaister, Karen Keller, Mary Steggert
City Liaison: Laurie Giner
Civic Projects: Laurie Giner
Conservation/Environmental Ed: Donna Ruppert
Delegates: Lucia Kline, Diane Wilkinson
Garden Therapy/Youth: Bonnie Dee
Historian: Joan Crouse
Membership: Connie Mason
Parliamentarian: Brenda Benna
Program: Sue Basford
Publicity: Susan Bittle
Trips: Lucia Kline

Past Presidents
Tasker’s Chance Garden Club

1949-1950 Mrs. Francis Howard (Mott)
1950-1952 Mrs. J. D. Duve (Helen)
1952-1954 Mrs. Theron D. Green (Lois)
1954-1956 Mrs. Claude Barrick (Sally)
1956-1958 Mrs. J. Carlisle Smith (Trudi)
1958-1960 Mrs. W. Cash Smith (Fran)
1960-1962 Mrs. Eric Lundgren (Elizabeth)
1962-1964 Mrs. Walter Crowther, JR. (Margaret)
1964-1966 Mrs. Carlton Molesworth, Jr. (Ginny)
1966-1968 Mrs. Chase C. Gove, Jr. (Mary)
1968-1970 Mrs. William Zimmerman (Irene)
1970-1972 Miss Annabel Lundgren
1972-1973 Mrs. Robert E. Clapp, Jr. (Jo)
1973-1975 Mrs. Edward D. Grove, Jr. (Elinor)
1975-1977 Mrs. Reese Shoemaker, Jr. (Jeannette)
1977-1979 Mrs. Elizabeth F. Richards (Libby)
1979-1981 Mrs. Robert T. Fisher (Anne)
1981-1983 Mrs. Samuel Barrick (Joan)
1983-1985 Mrs. George I. Smith, Jr. (Carolyn)
1985-1987 Mrs. William A. Simmons (Mary Ann)
1987-1989 Ann Colliver
1989-1991 Joan Crouse
1991-1993 Lucia Kline
1993-1995 Brenda Benna
1995-1997 Ginny Patrick
1997-1999 Jeanie Reeder
1999-2001 Janney Marshall
2001-2003 Kay Holz
2003-2005 Susan Bittle
2005-2007 Amy Clapp
2007-2009 Marcia Hall

2009-2011 Marylou Musser

2011-2013 Donna Ruppert

2013-2015 Connie Mason

2015-2017 Lucia Kline